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>> i like the rush of shopping. i like being out in the crowds shopping. >> reporter: overall holiday sales are expected to rise 4.1% this year a half percent more than predicted every year for the past 10. it's estimated each shopper will spend $582. online retailers expect a double-digit hike in spending with consumers paying $400. >> my plan was to steak it out, go online and get the deals online. >> reporter: so are you looking here for the items you might get and get them online? >> exactly. >> reporter: is that fair. >> it's all strategic. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. now, people using their mobile devices this year expected to increase that option by about 110%. and cyber monday alone expected to be worth about $2 billion. liz? >> wow. all right. those deals must be worth it. don knapp in emeryville, thank you. shoppers did start lining
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up well before the sun came up today. as elissa harrington shows us some bay area bargain hunters were disappointed before dawn instead of getting deals. >> reporter: >> reporter: and they're off! black friday shoppers got started a full day early this year. a slew of stores opened thursday. kmart in san mateo let customers in at 6 a.m. but deal seekers started lining up in the cold the night before. >> 10:00 last night. >> the firstget the deals for christmas all for the family. >> reporter: the hot ticket items electronics. >> tvs, computers, xboxest, you name it. >> reporter: hundreds at kmart waited hours for this tv a 32" plasma for $97. but the mad rush to the electronics section was a big disappointment for many shoppers. only 10 of those tvs were given out. >> i'm upset because i stayed
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up all night to come here. >> there's a limited supply as always in any store. >> reporter: so store workers gave out vouchers to the first 10 people in line. >> leaving empty-handed. that's what i came for was a tv. >> reporter: other stores that opened today include sears, target, walmart and toys 'r us. while black friday is supposed to be the day after thanksgiving, a kmart manager told meet move to thursday is to give people more time to enjoy thanksgiving. >> we thought it would be i guess a good idea to give the people a chance to get their shopping done and also get their turkey and be home with the family. >> it's a good idea for the people who want to buy stuff like us but then it's kind of messed up on the people that got to work. >> reporter: so can we expect a black wednesday next year? >> oh, please. it's too early. too early. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the good news is most of those limited items will be back on sale later tonight and tomorrow morning. if you missed out on the black friday deals, there's always
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cyber monday. elissa harrington, cbs 5. they call it a social event to really kick off the holiday. people camping out for a week in front of best buy stores in the bay area. da lin with why these bargain hunters are taking it so seriously. da. >> reporter: these guys have been camping out here since tuesday so, yeah, pretty serious. now, best buy doesn't open until midnight. so about 6 hours away from now but already about 100 people have been lining up out here waiting for the store to open up. >> whoo! >> reporter: for many families, this is how they celebrate thanksgiving. but increasingly, more people are spending turkey day camping out in front of stores. >> my 8th year doing it so i have been doing it for a while. >> reporter: we stopped by walmart, target and fry's electronics from fremont to concord. no long lines at those stores. a different story though at best buy stores across the bay area. those storefronts have turned into urban campgrounds.
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>> people are sleeping here. >> reporter: how did you fit? >> we were all just lying flat. >> it was raining tuesday night. the whole tent was wet. we had to sleep in the cars. >> reporter: the first person in line at this union city best buy camped out here since tuesday morning. >> tuesday. >> reporter: so you haven't showered since tuesday? >> yeah. so that's why i'm going home today. >> reporter: okay. maybe the line may not smell as pleasant but the december -- but the deals are unbeatable. these die-hard shoppers estimate they will save on average about $400 each person. >> it's about having fun. it's not about the items. we're having fun out here. >> reporter: these shoppers say this is their thanksgiving tradition and in some cases the same people line up next to each other year after year. >> we don't even know them. we met them last year but it's like tradition, our family now. >> reporter: some strangers even form teams to play baseball, soccer or football in the parking lot to burn time. so don't tell these folks they are crazy.
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they say they just celebrate thanksgiving differently. best buy doesn't open until midnight. the line at this emeryville store stretches around the corner. and some folks actually came up to the folks first in line offering them up to $500 to cut in line. they say no. can't do it. live here in emeryville, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> they are in the home stretch. thank you, da. well, on you can find tips on the best way to save on black friday. shoppers didn't just hit the malls today. of course, some folks waited until the very last minute to pick up the grocery for thanksgiving meals. >> i hadn't planned on this at all but i gave a dinner party last night and they drank all my wine. so i had to get some more. >> for the handful of markets that were open today, most of them closed around noon. dozens of volunteers dished
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up thanksgiving meals at glide memorial in san francisco. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us this year's servings the good eats and gratitude. >> reporter: thanksgiving we remind ourselves of what we have. for mia le braun a first-time volunteer at glide memorial is a first time reminder of what would have been. >> i could have been in the line you know what i mean just by twist of unfortunate events. >> reporter: she lost her job a year ago. it took almost that long to get back on her feet. mia thankful for her good fortune came here to show her thanks. >> everyone is human and deserves no matter the circumstances to be in a place where they feel love and everyone is happy smiling faces and a warm meal to have on a holiday. >> reporter: glide's long- standing thanksgiving tradition draws new people every year and volunteers come back for more. this is daniel maxwell's 7th year volunteering. >> the human being is built on helping one another. we might not know it but we
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just do it instinctively and when you do it, it makes you feel good. >> reporter: organizers tell me that the volunteer slots for this event fill up within hours of it being posted online. today glide memorial has 600 volunteers all taking the time to feed about 5,000 of san francisco's homeless and needy. >> happy thanksgiving, brother. >> reporter: cecil williams put this program in motion almost 30 years. >> one of our positions here unconditional acceptance and the other one is unconditional love. you put those two together, you got something going for anybody and everybody. >> reporter: all the fixings were on the table today turkey, ham, potatoes, dressing and dessert. the taste twice as good for those who can't count on that regular meal. >> it's a blessing. i mean, the food is wonderful. >> the community actually comes together and mr. cecil williams and his wife is very beautiful
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people and they sponsor a good program. >> reporter: glide doesn't stop at thanksgiving. they serve 3 meals every day throughout the year. but organizers say they could use more help. if you have extra time, food or cash, stop by. the volunteers and those fed today are a clear example of why it's worth it. in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a similar scene over at saint anthony's in san francisco. volunteers stirred the pots, carved the turkeys and served thousands of thanksgiving meals to the hungry and homeless. >> by god's grace, we're going to get on our feet and get a little income going and by god's grace, we'll be okay. >> saint anthony serving those meals in a temporary dining room this year because it's building a new one to replace the old one. he may not have served thousands with a traditional thanksgiving meal, but one man fed the hungry in san francisco by handing out a different kind
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of comfort food. cbs 5 reporter linda yee on one idea three simple ingredients and dozens of smiles. i love it. america... >> reporter: shawn keitel is just an ordinary guy with a very big heart. >> it's over. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> god bless. that's part of the sadness. most of the people it's not a choice. it's something that either mental instability or resources that haven't been able to get in touch with these people to get help and have the choice to turn their lives around, have some options. >> reporter: so he tries to make their thanksgiving day a little better. >> a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly. if i feed 20 people, that's 20 more people that for whatever reason aren't at a shelter or getting food somewhere else. >> reporter: your own money? >> couple of bills that aren't getting paid this week but i figure, you know, if i go home and my internet is off, it's not biggest deal in the world. people out here haven't eat
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especially for days and it's cold and at the end of the day i'm blessed and thankful for what i have. >> reporter: who he meets warms his soul. >> there you go, brother. happy thanksgiving. that's going to be nice when you wake up to that. >> he has always done this. i think at 6 years old he got his parents to make peanut butter sandwiches and put together little packages and they came out to the civic center and other places around the city. >> pretty amazing. it's feels good to give back. almost feel guilty. it's not that much. everybody can take a little time out of their day. shame on us those who don't. i'm trying to do my part. want another one, buddy? take another one, there you go. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> happy thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. a costly threat on the horizon. why the bay area's middle class
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might have to write checks for thousands of dollars. and paying thousands for a false sense of security. why so many bay area homeowners could be on shaky ground. >> high pressure over the bay area today gave us sunshine and highs in the mid-60s. of getting chilly outside right now. a live look outside. bay bridge, mainly clear skies. we'll talk about how long the sunshine will stick around. that's coming up next. ,, ♪
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but there are already changs coming along that could fore people in the bay area to py more. tax time is still a few months away. but there are already changes coming that could force people in the bay area to pay more. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee takes a look at how changes in the tax laws will impact us all. >> reporter: hopefully no indigestion. the bay area is one of the most vulnerable regions to changing taxes and the reason for that is our cost of living is higher
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and that means prop 30 could affect a larger number of households here. the bigger problem is looming in the federal tax code and it could cost middle class families thousands of dollars. tax changes are adding up and it could cost you a lot. >> we got to make sure we do it right. >> reporter: governor brown's proposition 30 raised state income tax on those with a taxable income of $250,000 or more to pay for schools and universities. what you might not know is it's retroactive meaning if you fall in that bracket the bill is due this coming april. >> there's going to be a few people who will be surprised but there was really nothing that you could to plan for it. it was, you know, the election is really what determined whether or not this was going to happen. >> reporter: the accountant says for a married couple making $250,000 and filing separately it will cost you about $250. it's not a huge bill but in the bay area, where real estate is higher and the cost of living
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is greater, for most households, disposable income is smaller and every dollar counts. >> this affects us a lot more than elsewhere. >> we are feeling squeezed no matter what. and that's what's causing a lot of people to be upset. the tax increase is just one other factor. >> reporter: it's not just prop 30 we have to worry about. if congress doesn't reform taxes and avoid the "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year your tax bill could rise by the thousands. in years past, congress exempted most middle class and low-income families from something called the alternative minimum tax. if they don't renew that exemption, a family with two children making $90,000 a year could owe an extra $3,000 in taxes. >> we are going to see lots and lots of everyday people get caught. >> reporter: also on the chopping block a tuition credit for parents who have kids in college. in certain brackets if you have
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two students paying tuition, you could lose a $5,000 credit. that's $5,000 out of your spending money. >> plan for difficult times. taxes are going up. so what do you do? if you're spending every dollar you're making now and your taxes go up, do you go in debt? or do you adjust your spending? >> reporter: those are just a few examples of what is at stake here. while congress has until the end of the year to solve some of these problems, the uncertainty is really affecting almost everyone. not knowing makes it difficult to playfor taxes in households and businesses -- makes it difficult to plan for taxes for households and businesses. >> thank you. checking bay area headlines, parts of ocean beach in san francisco are still closed as crews clean up a sewage spill. a manhole near the great highway overflowed two days ago after heavy rains. it's unclear when that section of the beach will be back open. in san jose, part of a
6:17 pm
holiday display is missing. last week, somebody stole all four of those penguins from a christmas in the park carousel. somebody found one of the penguins ditched behind a building yesterday and did return it. fremont police found the owner of a lost wedding photo album. that album was inside a briefcase along the road outside a preschool. police believe it was in a storage unit that was robbed and that the thieves just tossed it. police traced the owner to india. we have found our sunshine again, paul deanno. >> that feels good. >> i think it was a bay area headline as well, perfect thanksgiving weather. so many of my neighbors were outside, likely in your neighborhood, as well. why not? we had the mid-60s with mainly sunny skies. of course sunset before 5:00 so at 6:00 it's dark but still beautiful. hello, south bay. we say hello it san jose from the knight ridder building on new hi-def building there. san francisco and oakland also mainly clear on this thanksgiving night after highs in the mid-60s. it will get chilly tonight
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because of clear skies. and get used to those clear skies for a while. look at this petaluma of moisture stretching from the tropics across the pacific ocean into not northern california but the pacific northwest. there is a reason why it's due west of us then getting shoved up to the north. that reason is a large area of high pressure. kind of acting like a shield if you will not allowing that storm or any of the next several storms to get anywhere close to us. high pressure totally in control. there will be plenty of plenty of storms riding in. but great for tomorrow, shoppers getting good deals. saturday through tuesday we are talking about highs near 70 mainly sunny skies. only fly in the ointment is heat will be working overtime because clear nights will be chilly nights and especially north of the golden gate you may be foggy as well and some tule fog in the central valley as well over towards sacramento, south of bakersfield. livermore tomorrow, gorgeous.
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black friday, 70 degrees. 70 for san jose. redwood city 69. upper 60s for san rafael. san francisco, napa and vallejo. it's going to be beautiful outside tomorrow. saturday beautiful, sunday gorgeous. top of the next week kids go back to school upper 60s with mainly sunny skies. no rainfall at all until next thursday at the earliest. please enjoy the gorgeous weather. burn off some of the extra calories from today. that's your cbs 5 forecast. she spent thousands getting her house retrofitted. >> we got somebody reliable. >> but it won't help when the next big quake hits. >> there is no value in this current retrofitting. >> why so many qualified contractors are doing it all wrong, coming up next. ,, ,,
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and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. sensible path for bay area homeowners: retrofitting their homes against earthqu. but, in some cases, it offea false sense of security. it seems a sensible path for bay area homeowners.
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retrofitting their homes against earthquakes. but in some cases it offers a false sense of security. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on why so many residential retrofits fail to make the grade. reporter: when it comes to retrofitting home inspector john fryer says he sees more things done wrong than right. >> no connection got some funky electric. >> reporter: and lois' house near the hayward fault is a perfect example. >> these washers are undersized. they are the wrong type of nails. the plywood needs to extend down to the foundation. >> reporter: his verdict? >> there is no value in this current retrofitting. >> reporter: a shock to silverstein who paid about $4,000 to earthquake-proof her home a decade ago and didn't cut corners. >> we got somebody reliable. we had a reference. you know, several references. >> reporter: well, it turns out many bay area homeowners are living with a similar false sense of security. it's estimated one to two- thirds of retrofits in the bay area are inadequate and won't
6:23 pm
prevent structural damage in a major earthquake. this structural engineer is often hired to fix subpar retrofits poor work done by contractors he says are simply in the dark. >> mostly i think it's a lack of training that's been available and realistic details for contractors to follow. >> reporter: two years ago, california adopted a seismic retrofit code known as plan set a. a detailed set of instructions on how to properly retrofit a home. the problem, contractors aren't actually required to follow them and they only apply to one specific type of home. a small wood frame structure with a crawl space without a tile roof and there are a series of other specific requirements. so because there is still no code for retrofitting most single family homes, many contractors are just using their best guess. >> it's frustrating seeing that it's taken so long especially after loma prieta and we still
6:24 pm
don't really have a good set of guidelines that really applies to a lot of the housing stock that we have in the bay area. >> reporter: this person from the california earthquake authority admits the process to develop an adequate retrofit code has been slow going. >> mostly because it's been done on a voluntary basis. >> reporter: while many groups study the problem no one agency, federal, state or local, has been tasked to come up with guidelines. >> there are a lot of different priorities and single family dwellings are not high on the list. >> reporter: the cea is finally working with fields to create retrofit guidelines for all types of homes. they say it will be at least four years before they are available to contractors. >> we are at a point where we're ready to move as quickly as we can. >> reporter: too late for lois. >> it could end up on the ground here, four feet that way, back, front or even twist. >> then it's baffling because- to-figure out, well, what to do
6:25 pm
now? >> reporter: julie watts cbs 5. california does not offer specific licenses for retrofit contractors. experts say if your home doesn't fit the plan a guidelines, hire a structural engineer. coming up in our next half hour, calm returning to gaza. how the truce between israel and hamas might divert hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars. >> and what's being blamed for this deadly thanksgiving crash involving 140 cars and trucks. >> we sit back and try to give back to the community. >> tonight, inside san quentin to see how violent offenders are turning their lives around. ,,,,,,,,
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the cease-fire appears to be lding. cbs repor now at 6:30 all is quiet on the border between israel and gaza. the cease-fire appears to be holding. cbs reporter tara mergener on the financial aid that the u.s. is providing to both sides to help keep the peace. reporter: the cease-fire allows palestinians to hold funerals in gaza city for those killed during eight days of israeli air strikes. with the truce between israel and hamas holding, calm is coming back to the streets. in tel aviv, commuters are once
6:29 pm
again boarding buses. wednesday, a bomb ripped through one injuring two dozen people. >> i just put faith in the palestinian people that they are also going to hold up their end of the cease-fire. >> reporter: under the cease- fire agreement, hamas promises to stop firing rockets. israel says it will end air strikes and will ease border restrictions that have crippled gaza's economy for years. egypt will work to enforce the cease-fire that it played a major role brokering. the egyptian president's help may prompt congress to release $450 million in emergency cash for the country that it froze back in september. the obama administration is also going to ask congress to increase funding for israel's iron dome defense system that intercepted more than 80% of hamas rockets headed toward crowded cities. u.s. tax dollars also help the palestinians. >> we are a leading provider of assistance to the u.n. organizations that support the palestinians. >> reporter: the clean-up is
6:30 pm
just beginning in the gaza strip. a hamas spokesman says it is impossible to count the number of buildings destroyed. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. at least two people have died in this nasty crash in texas. another 100 people had to be sent to the hospital. sheriff's deputies say 140 cars and trucks collided in the fog on interstate 10 this morning. the crash includes 7 tractor- trailers some of them carrying hazardous materials. firefighters do say that the tanker trucks are not leaking. a solved inmate will be the first one released under california's revised three strikes law. the voter-approved amendment requires a third strike to be a violent felony in order to mandate a life sentence. the 62-year-old man being released was serving 25 years to life for a third nonviolent
6:31 pm
offense. a judge reduced his sentence wednesday after 15 years in james. the inmate should be released in the next few days. >> criminals in san quentin can volunteer to join rehabilitation programs. tonight cbs reporter linda yee takes us inside the prison for a glimpse into one project that's having some impact. but the one catch? funding is always an issue. >> rose cooper! >> reporter: this is no ordinary graduation. they are killer, kidnappers, violent convicts, lifers doing hard time at san quentin. but on this day, there's a reason for all this strutting. >> us being locked up that we don't have any kind of humanity, care or love for each other. we do. >> reporter: it's a rehab program that works to turn these violent men into peacemakers. >> one of our future leaders ron miles. >> reporter: 38-year-old ron miles spent nearly half his life in prison.
6:32 pm
>> i committed murder. >> reporter: he found his way in prison. >> we come up with ways now where we used to destroy the community. now we sit back and we try to give back to the community. >> reporter: miles and 33 other men voluntarily committed to weekly group therapy in a program that deals with their rage. >> 24, 14, 27 -- >> almost three centuries in the room. >> reporter: the sessions often break them. >> the group helped me a lot. you know? i used to get down on myself a lot of anger. >> times i didn't want to come but i pushed myself. i say i'm going to do this. i want to to make a difference in my life. i'm down 15 years. i'm tired. >> reporter: he heads up the nonprofit prison project in psyched out. he developed the intensive program after 17 years of
6:33 pm
working with prisoners. >> you know, i'm not naive about prisoners or prisons. we need prisons. we just think there's a way to do and there's a lot of room to improve what's going on. >> he teaches them how to find emotional and spiritual help. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: today's ceremony is their initial nation to a new life their witnesses commute leaders corrections officers and the people these inmates have hurt. like victim christine mccall. >> my mother, monica, was murdered and left stabbed in a cornfield. when you say sorry, it helps me. >> there are days when you get
6:34 pm
all righteous and how come that person is alive and she's not? but north most part what i see in them is incredible hope that things can change. >> reporter: are you confident this can work on the outside for them. >> he know. i have hired a couple of them to work with challenged youth. >> reporter: he hired this convicted murderer. he served 20 years, finished rehab and was paroled. he now counsels troubled teams part time. he came back to inspire the inmates he used to live with. [ indiscernible ] person i killed every day by doing something to make it to where he didn't die for nothing. >> reporter: prison authorities notice that predators can be helped. >> i have been doing this for a little over 26 years. and i see that some of these programs really do change men. i really do believe that. >> reporter: all of these inmates are here today helping out to be part of the program.
6:35 pm
they too want to graduate. but there is a waiting list. lack of funds means limited sessions. verd you will in says smallhe got reacquainted with his children, finding a job and accepting rejection. >> i just see their side it. it's like geez, they got all these candidates and then this one has been in prison for 20 years? you know, for a terrible crime? i get it. i get it. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the cons sign pledges of nonviolence a 14- point self-imposed contract they will show a parole board someday. there are no numbers for who may get released or how successful they can be on the outside but they say this is their first step in finding redemption. from san quentin prison, linda
6:36 pm
linda yee, cbs 5. >> from electric to exotic the models on display at the bay area's biggest auto show. >> it's a madhouse. we start at 5:00 in the morning every morning. >> so popular, the pumpkin pies sold out! the bay area bakery where thanksgiving is the cherry on top. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
one reason, the pumpkin piee traditional thanksgiving det is just one of the many opts at "heidi's pies are going like hotcakes at this peninsula bakery. one reason, the pumpkin pie. the traditional thanksgiving dessert is one of the many options at heidi's pies in san mateo. workers say they sold about 5,000 pies in the past two days and kept running out of pumpkins. >> it's a madhouse. we started since 5:00 in the morning every morning. and since i walked in that door this morning, there was two lines out the door going around and we couldn't even keep up with it. >> so what's so good about heidi's pies ? we logged on to
6:39 pm
yelp to find out. customers apparently love the crust, very important, and things like the banana cream and sour cream blueberry are very popular. >> everybody loves pie but americans also love cars. and the newer the more exotic the better. cbs reporter john ramos shows us some of next year's models on display now at the car show in san francisco. >> reporter: a lot of people gathered in san francisco today to celebrate what they are truly thankful for their cars. >> well, americans are an automobile society. i mean, we love our cars. we always have. >> reporter: the 55th annual international auto show kicked off the five-day event with 39 carmakers showing off their new models. >> achieve optimum performance -- >> reporter: there are foreign cars, american cars, and one with strictly regional appeal but these are not concept vehicles. every one is a car you can buy right now. well, if you happen to have $230,000 laying around. renee is a muscle car guy who has come here for the last 25
6:40 pm
years in a row. >> this is a chance for you to be able to, you know, choose -- >> you're not here because you want to buy a car. >> you know, it gives us ideas what's on the market and what we can, you know, look forward to. >> reporter: these two guys are just looking forward to driving. but they may be setting their sights a little too high. what section would your car come from? >> the toyota section. [ laughter ] >> or the honda section. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: you like them or that's what your mom would let you have? >> that's what my mom would let me have. >> reporter: the organizer of the event says this is where people come to shop for cars. there's more than that going on here. >> do i look like a sociologist to you? >> reporter: so we asked the people. >> with america, it's meeting or beating of the joneses, keeping up with the joneses. >> reporter: and passing them really fast. >> yes. >> your car is an extension of your alter ego. >> reporter: what does that say that you're sitting in this tiny little car? >> i mean, i --
6:41 pm
>> reporter: americans love their cars. but until they redesign human beings, what we really have to be thankful for is our ability to dream. at the moscone center in san francisco, john ramos, cbs 5. >> oh, some gorgeous cars. >> a lot of flash. >> and big cash. drivers wanted but not for the car show. how you could help deliver joy to our bay area seniors. >> mother nature did her best to deliver some joy to you and your family. beautiful weather today, mid- 60s with sunshine and cbs 5 hi- def doppler completely dry. will it stay that way through the holiday weekend? i have your forecast coming up. straight ahead, the absolute latest with the two number one 49er quarterbacks and this one goes back to the 1920s! the turkey day city football championship game. lincoln and mission were in this one today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in fact, they won't be leavg home. thousands of homebound seniors a lot of people aren't visiting family this thanksgiving. they won't be leaving home. thousands of homebound seniors
6:45 pm
are getting their meals delivered to their doors. cbs 5's frank mallicoat reports the demand for meals on wheels has quadrupled in one bay area county. >> whatever they need for their diet. >> reporter: this is a holiday delivery but these boxes don't hold the latest toys or electronic gadgets. >> we have mashed potatoes, string beans and a veal stuffed with stuffing. >> reporter: they contain food for nearly 800 contra costa county seniors who can't drive and who depend upon meals on wheels to keep the hunger at bay. >> a lot of clients who receive the meal and they will split it in half and take part for their lunch meal and part for their evening meal and that's all the eat all day. >> we are going to deliver meals on wheels. >> reporter: volunteers like tanner and his grandfather are helping serve nearly 50 routes five days a week but there aren't enough volunteer drivers to feed the need. >> there are people who have been waiting months, which is
6:46 pm
tragic. what that means is we need regular drivers and substitutes. >> reporter: volunteer roberto is one of the regular 200 or so active volunteer drivers the agency has now. the need is greatest in east contra costa county. meals on wheels says that it's short nearly three dozen drivers to serve clients in pittsburg, antioch and bay point, which led to a list of over 100 seniors still waiting for meals. >> they give you enough. they give you enough food. >> two hours, one day a week? it's not too much. i could spend that i suppose at a hairdresser or getting my else in a done. >> reporter: tasks that she says aren't nearly as rewarding as making sure clients like nancy get the food they need year round. >> not just the holiday time. midsummer, early spring, people still need the food and our seniors are the ones we tend to forgot. >> reporter: nobody is forgotten on thank. on holidays, the folks on meals on wheels, they team up with the salvation army to make sure all these meals get delivered
6:47 pm
to needy seniors here in san francisco. now, their big hope is that more people step up year round to help out the good of the cause. in san francisco, i'm frank mallicoat, cbs 5. hey, we need another driver here! still recovering from superstorm sandy, the macy's thanksgiving day parade was just the distraction new york need. the thousands of people filled the streets of manhattan for the show. this year macy's gave away 5,000 parade tickets to those hit hard by sandy. kermit the frog, papa smurf and santa claus were there but one tradition was missing, the snoopy balloon. it was downgraded -- downgraded -- to the peanuts themed float. how can they downgrade snoopy? >> i think snoopy's brother spike had something to do with it. >> call charlie brown! >> got to kick the football!
6:48 pm
>> the football was still there. great show. around here great weather. awesome weather. i know it's dark now but a lot of you may be still pounding the pavement after eating that big meal. the weather is nice. upper 60s to mid-50s. livermore 66 the high. los altos topped out at 66, san jose 65. oakland, san francisco, napa topped out at 64, just with perfect weather. let's be thankful for our weather because in seattle another round of rain is coming tomorrow with a high of 51. chicago will be windy and cold with a high of only 34 and minot, north dakota, the coldest place i could find in the lower 48, 20 degrees for a high tomorrow. why not minot is that's what we're thinking about right now. high-def doppler radar is what we're be look at and it's dry but it has not been dry in the sierra. it has been snowing and video to show from you squaw valley, which top to bottom opened today for the earliest time in recent memory.
6:49 pm
so we had an early snow leading to early smiles for skiers and ski resort managers. they are skiing top to bottom in squaw. they have had a lot of snow for the last couple of weeks. we are going to see a lot of rainfall up to the north. i'm talking portland and seattle where the storm track is going. follow the moisture all the way out of the pacific but not down here towards us in northern california. it's to our north blocked to the north by a large area of high pressure. that high is not going to move the next several days so our weather is not going to change the next several days. you get the sunshine, you get the mild weather. the storm track will stay well to our north. beautiful weather to get outside to burn off the calories. so clear at night, we'll be chilly at night, lows in the 30s to mid-40s. mainly sunny skies through the weekend and that means highs approaching 70 or crossing that threshold for the next four days. highs tomorrow, how about san jose? 70 degrees for high tomorrow.
6:50 pm
your average is 66. redwood city 69 degrees. los altos 72. hayward 69. 69 degrees for pittsburg, concord 68. san ramon 68 and upper 60s for petaluma. mid-60s at bodega bay and stinson beach. beautiful weather through the weekend. sunshine through sunday, sunshine for the top of next week, and no rainfall until next thursday at the earliest. that means six more days with sunshine. sports is coming up next. ,,
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm an hors dourve, missin and lincoln high school gava thriller of a aaa city title game... long before you feasted on turkey, as an hors d'oeuvre this morning mission and lincoln high school gave a thriller of a aaa city title game where the championship trophy was up for grabs. lincoln already up 6-0 2nd quarter, a 67-yard play with quarterback derek morrell. 14-0 mustangs. here came mission. second half comeback with the defending champions and look at quarterback antoine porter go and keep going! a wild 82-yard scramble for a touchdown! it's 14-6. tie game four minutes left mcfarland scores. they erased a 14-0 deficit and led 21-14.
6:54 pm
lincoln within one decided to go for two and the win. and tyree mar set that got through and lincoln wins an epic thriller 22-21. >> we worked hard from the beginning. all we did all the fighting an all the blood. all the hills. we'll worked hard. i feel great to have this. >> i'm very proud of this team. we battled all season through ups and downs injuries all year. it's just so much that we could do. i love my team. last week you said, hey, we're going to eat some turkey and be champions. >> we are here! my team fought with me! [ applause and cheers ] >> congratulations to the mustangs. thanksgiving is usually reseven for families to get together. sadly that is not entirely the case for one player we found
6:55 pm
this week. that's mission offensive and defensive tackle main filet on the right. overcome with emotion. thanksgiving for him is bittersweet not just because of the loss to lincoln but because his older brother tyrell has missed another game what do you think your brother would say to you right now if he was here? >> he would say he is proud of me. >> reporter: he missed virtually the entire season because since mid-september he has been in a san bruno jail on weapons and drug charges all from gang violence. his only communication has been by the occasional phone call. >> i talk to him yesterday. we had a long talk. he wanted me to play a good game no matter the outcome he still know that i tried my hardest. >> reporter: mane the middle brother of three has his 310- pound frame geared toward making something out of life. best advice his older brother gave him? don't take the path i did. >> he always check up on me ask
6:56 pm
me if i was doing good at school. >> good thing he's seen it already. since having now witnessed it firsthand on his self, he seen it from his older brothers and say okay i see the mistakes here i can correct them and i can go here. which has made him a great player. >> he always said be you and don't be nobody else. because only you can do you. >> so mane has his eyes toward college his brother currently held on $507,000 bail. nfl alex smith is medically cleared to play. the team is denying. 49ers are apparently moving forward with colin kaepernick sunday in new orleans. rg iii one of his four touchdowns of the day. the redskins beat the cowboys 38-31. and lions can't stay out of trouble. kicked matt schaub in the man
6:57 pm
zone. not sure if it was intentional or not. oh. texas won the game in overtime on a 32-yard shayne graham field goal. houston over detroit 34-31. >> coach can't really throw a red flag on that challenge that. >> white flag out on that. can't say let's review that. >> enjoy the night. >> see you at 10:00 on the cw. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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